1 ½ inch RK and 1 inch BK-2 Latches are designed for installation in G-type pocket profile side pocket mandrels. They utilize a locking ring which is held in position by spring force. As the latch enters the side pocket profile, the locking ring moves up and into the recessed area of the latch. When the latch seats, the ring is positioned in the locking recess of the pocket. To retrieve the latch, a pin is sheared by upward force allowing the locking ring mandrel to move up and out of the way. The ring is then freed to disengage from the locking recess as the valve and latch are retrieved.


1 ½ inch RM Latches are designed for installation in A-type pocket profile mandrel. They have a set of spring-loaded locking dogs designed to move up into a recessed area on the latch core when run into the latch profile of the mandrel. The valve is lowered into the pocket until the No-Go shoulder is reached. The spring force moves the locking ring downward, forcing the dogs to move over and onto the large O.D. of the inner mandrel, thus locking the valve in place. To release the latch, a pin is sheared by upward force which allows the inner mandrel to move up and out of the way. The locking dogs are then free to return to the recess area as the latch and valve are retrieved.




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