A. Special Design Features

1. PARVEEN valve bodies are made from alloy steel forgings which are designed to       variety of end connections to be integrally machined.

2. PARVEEN plug and inserts are designed to resist abrasion and corrosion.

3. PARVEEN valves can be easily adopted for hydraulic or pneumatic actuation.             These configurations are designed for integration with complete manifold                 systems.

4. We manufacture in compliance with API-6A & API-Q1.

5. Our range is up to 15000 PSI WP.

B. Operating Principle

1. The plug rotates 90° (1/4 turn) for rapid full open or close operation. This reduces erosion due to throttling action.

2. To ensure a uniform clamping action for the initial pressure seal, the valve body is tapered.

3. To ensure a continuous seal becoming more effective as’ differential pressure increases, the plug and inserts "float" downstream with pressure differential caused by the initial seal.

4. Relationship between the seal and the bearing areas is such that the torque required to operate the valve is minimized.

5. To eliminate the need for thrust bearing to reduce friction, the plug is balanced by identical stem seals.



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