PARVEEN’s 'PCH' Casing Head e.g. Casing Head Housing (PCHH) and Casing Head Spool (PCHS) accept Automatic Casing Hanger (PCHA), Unitised Casing Hanger (PCHU), S-Slips (PS) & S-Pack off (PSPO) assembly and can be furnished with female thread or slip-on weld lower connection. Standard outlets are 2” LINE PIPE threads or 2” API extended flanged with optional VR THREADS and end connection may be threaded or slip on weld type. Hold down screws to energize the annulus seal can be furnished on request.

(Caution: Casing Hangers with attached seals which are not held down by hold down screws may be unseated when the annulus pressure multiplied by the annulus area exceeds the pipe load). 



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