PARVEEN’s Casing Head Spool (PCHS) accepts automatic (PCHA) and unitised (PCHU) casing hangers. Standard outlets are 2 1/16”, 2000-10000 PSI WP. Studded or flanged outlets can also be furnished with threaded 2" Line pipe connection. Studded or flanged outlets have internal threads for valve removal plugs. Bottom of the flange is designed for installation on the bit guides and PARVEEN type PBP -1 & PBP - 2 bottom pack-off, CROSSOVER SEAL (PP Seal over 5000 PSI WP) and is provided with a plastic packing injection port with bleeder outlet and a test port. For high pressure (over 3000 PSI W.P) the type 'PSPO' pack-off is used at the top of the casing hanger to prevent collapse of the casing pipe. Hold down screws can be furnished on request. 



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