PARVEEN's Mandrel Type Tubing Hanger with metal to metal seals called 'PTHTSM' are used with PARVEEN's Tubing Spool and are equipped with metal to metal seal for fluids which prohibit the use of elastomer seals. These hangers have metal rings at the top and bottom for sealing. The rated working pressure range is 5000 psi to 15000 psi.PARVEEN's PTHTSMM hangers fitted with single or dual hydraulic control lines are called PTHTSMM1 & PTHTSMM2. These are equipped with metal to metal seals for fluids prohibiting the use of elastomeric seals. Sealing is affected by metal ring mounted on the top of the hanger and load applied to the bottom of the hanger body.

Tubing Head Adapters 

PARVEEN's Tubing Head Adaptors are designed for tubing suspension and can be used with extended neck threaded hanger PTHSE for a max WP of 15000 PSI. These can be provided with a studded up connections and a recessed lower flange with test & bleed ports. Tubing Head Adaptors can also be used with wrap around tubing hanger (PTHSW) for a max. WP of 10000 PSI and are threaded female for tubing suspension. It can be threaded according to the customer specification.


Tubing Head Adapters PTHSE Specifications

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