PARVEEN's Tubing Head Spools (PTHS) bodyhave a straight bore with a 45 deg landing shoulder.While the top flange has hold down screws asstandard equipment for securing tubing hanger, thebottom flange is designed for installation ofPARVEEN's bottom pack - off PBP-1 & PBP - 2 (PPsealfor high pressure over 5000 PSI) and isprovided with bit guide, a plastic packing injectionport with bleeder outlet and a test port. This canaccept Tubing Hangers Mandrel Type 'PTHSM',Wrap around type 'PTHSW' and Extended necktype 'PTHSE'.Standard outlets are 2 1/16” 2000 -10000 PSI WPstudded. Even 2” Line Pipe & Flanged outlets canalso be provided. Studded outlets are threadedinternally for the valve removal plugs. Top flange isprovided with hold down screws to secure tubinghanger.

PARVEEN's Tubing Head Spool (PTHS) Dimension.

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