PTHD Tubing Head Spools are designed for the popular split hanger suspensions for dual completions. It has welded wedges for hanger alignment and an open - face top flange.

Type 'PTHD' Tubing Spool accepts either the 'PTHDE', 'PTHSCL', 'PTHDCL' tubing hangers. This tubing spool is provided with a wedge to position the hanger. The standard outlets are 2 1/16 2000-10000 PSI WP studded. The outlets are threaded for the valve removal plug to allow for the removal of the valve. The bottom of the flange is designed for installing the type PBP-1 Bottom pack off (PP Seal for high pressure over 5000 PSI WP) and is provided with a plastic packing injection port and a test port. The top of the spool is provided with hold down screws to secure the tubing hanger. 


PARVEEN's Tubing Head Spool (PTHD) Dimensions :-

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