Lubricator (PL) 

PARVEEN's Lubricators which connect directly to the top of a X-Mas tree above the master valve are available in various sizes and end connections and pressure ratings varying from 5000 to 20000 PSI both for standard and sour service.

Operating a Lubricator is by far the most dangerous aspect of well head service work. Therefore extreme caution has to be exercised while operating this tool.Measurement of Rod travel is done as follows:

a. Measure from the tie down piece on the tubing head to the tree cap for a ball weevil hanger.


b. Measure from the top of the tubing head adaptor bottom flange to the tree cap on a hanger bushing completion.

In each case the window section of lubricator must also be measured. This will ensure that the proper length of the rod will be used. Most lubricator rods are marked in 5 such increments:

a. Needle Valve A 

 Valve located in manifold by pass assembly closest to adaptor flange.

b. Needle Valve B 

 Valve located on manifold bypass assembly closest to the first UNION connection. (NOTE: In lubricators upto 5000 PSI, needle valve B is also used as a bleed down valve. Needle valve C is used in 10000, 15000 & 20000 PSI lubricators to equalize pressure throughout the tool and not as bleed down valves.)

c. Needle Valve C 

 Only valve with a pressure gauge attached. Available in 10000, 15000 & 20000 PSI lubricators.


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